WA Government is Proposing Anglers ALWAYS Wear Life Jackets

This month the Western Australian Government is carrying out a review of safety equipment on board, and worn by recreational anglers, stand up paddlers and other recreational marine users. One of the proposals, is that Anglers wear a life jacket at all times while on board a boat.

The last review was made back in 1992, and with modern advancements in Life Jacket technology, Rita Saffioti, Minister for Transport in WA says that regulations need to be brought into line with the technology. "The aim of the review is to enhance the safety of people on the water without reducing the participation rate or imposing unreasonable costs on those who enjoy boating."

Many are likening it to the time when seat belts were made mandatory in cars. People argued about the inconvenience, the discomfort, but now - it's just normal. Will anglers think the same thing in 20 years?

Under review are the following items.

    ?Life Jackets and Lifesaving appliances
    ?Communication devices
    ?Navigation equipment
    ?Equipment to extinguish or control fire
    ?First aid, lighting, paddles, bilge pumps and anchors; and
    ?Distress signals.

Read the discussion paper here, and have your say before the 10th July 2017 to make a difference in the not only the Recreational Fishing community, but for other marine users too!