WA: Shark activity warning for Cockburn and Warnbro Sounds

Water users in Cockburn and Warnbro Sounds are asked to be cautious, because of the potential that sharks could possibly be attracted to feed off schools of snapper.

Department of Fisheries Regional Manager - Metro - Tony Cappelluti said reports of sightings in the area indicated there was a potential for increased shark activity.

“There are schools of snapper in Cockburn Sound and it is possible large sharks could be feeding in and around those schools,” Mr Cappelluti said.

“The activity presents a heightened risk to divers and fishers in small craft, such as kayaks.”

Mr Cappelluti said a fisher, whose sighting was reported to Water Police around 6.30am this morning, had told him the 18 foot Great White shark he saw had not acted aggressively.

“The fisher advised me that the shark was biting off snapper from his lines as they were being reeled in,” he said.

“That fisher was about two kilometres to sea, west of the Kwinana Power Station, at an area called Pinnacle Rocks, where divers had reported seeing a 3.5 metre Great White shark yesterday.

“We have also had a report from fisher in Warnbro Sound, just after 8am today that a fisherman had reported a shark circling his vessel about one kilometre south west of an area known as the Sisters.

“All of the reports indicate that water users need to apply caution to their marine activities in both the Sounds at present – especially with the attraction to sharks of large schools of fish.

“People need to keep their personal safety in mind, while they are on the water.

“All shark sightings should be reported to Water Police on 9442 8600.”