WA adds new species to 'noxious' fish list

Western Australian Fisheries has added a number of new species to their 'noxious fish list' in order to help protect the State's aquatic environment. The regulations come into effect from 23 July 2010.

People are being reminded that rather than dumping ornamental fish into waterways owners can take the fish to drop-off points at the Department's laboratories at Hillarys or at the Fish Health Laboratories at the Department of Agriculture's building in South Perth.

Alternatively, they can be disposed of humanely by refrigerating the fish in a bag of water until it stops moving and then placing the bag in a freezer.

The dumping of live fish, which are not endemic to WA, is illegal and attracts a penalty of $10,000.

For all the info on the noxious fish list visit the Department of Fisheries website.