WA budget commits funds for better fisheries management

In WA's State budget handed down on 20 May 2010 a number of new initiatives were announced which will help contribute to the better management of the State's fisheries. The funding does not include money raise through the State's new recreational fishing licence.

The first announcement had regard to a budget increase from $59.9m to $62.2m. These extra funds contribute to the funding of thirteen new fisheries and marine officers who will be involved in compliance inspections along the coast.

On top of that the plans for a new $4 million long-range patrol vessel was announced. It is expected the new boat will be brought into service in 2013, replacing the patrol vessel PV Walcott, which at that point will have been in service for almost fifteen years.

Finally $1.5m has been allocated to ensure the protection of the marine environment of Camden Sound, about 300km north east of Broome.

Posted 25 May 2010