PKRA - Day 4 - Double Eliminations in Dakhla Begin

Day 4 - Double Eliminations in Dakhla Begin


For the fourth day of the PKRA Dakhla tour stop, double eliminations began as hopeful competitors entered the water on 11 meter kites, the wind decreasing slightly as the afternoon progressed. Another beautiful day in Morocco set against a backdrop of imposing dunes provided an ideal day for tough competition - the best riders pitted against each other in the second to last day. In the day’s first round, Kevin Langeree and Eudazio Da Silva made especially strong impressions with 47.4 and 46.5 scores, respectively. Throughout the course of the day, Stefan Spiessberger displayed amazing fluidity, while Liam Whaley demonstrated immense power and consistency.

Da Silva Day 4

Christophe Tack was very excited to win his incredibly close heat against former World Champion Kevin Langeree, with a difference of only 0.1 points. When asked to describe his winning heat in a single word, Tack replied, “Lucky", in reference to the lighter wind and fewer than average tricks they each executed. Additionally, Liam Whaley left an imprint on the day, competing as the youngest rider on tour and winning his heat against Alex Soto. Needless to say, Whaley was very excited about his advancement through the fourth round of the double elimination ladder.

Whaley Day 4

Interestingly, most of the local Moroccans on the beach rooted for Eudazio Da Silva, the very strong rider from Brazil. This is Eudazio’s first time traveling out of his home country and he is competing at an incredible level against top riders such as current World Champion Youri Zoon. Ariel Corniel from the Dominican Republic also stayed visibly concentrated in the hours leading up to his heat, with his headphones drowning out the event noise, a close eye on the water, and the look of sheer determination. Unfortunately, however, his heat was cancelled due to lack of wind, so he will therefore take part in the first heat tomorrow.

Today, the Secretary of the Minister also arrived to view a showcase of the sport and PKRA event. Recognized as one of the most important figures in the region, he watched as the riders threw down huge aerial maneuvers and classic freestyle tricks. Tomorrow, the double eliminations will continue with the earliest possible start in order to fit in all the necessary heats of the day. Photos from day four in Dakhla can be found at the link below.

Dakhla Minister - Official Partner of the PKRA World Tour


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