Action Sports WA Sup Clear Out

So while we've been having this great weather, which is, let's face it, perfect for Stand up paddle, we decided we should have a bit of a sup clearance weekend next week. Action Sports WA have some unbelievable deals on boards, paddles, bags and leashes.

Sale Runs from Thursday 4th may until 13th May 2017 or until sold out.

25-50% off Fanatic race boards
45% off our last Naish race board
30% off the remaining Naish Mana's and Nalu's
30% off remaining Naish paddles
25% off Fanatic 2017 board Range
25% off Fanatic 2017 Paddles
30% off Creatures of Leisure Board Bags
30% off ION SUP Board Bags
25% off Creatures of Leisure SUP Leashes


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