Aussies hit China for the KTA Course Racing Finals

Kiteracers on tour...
Board bags, airport terminals and chinese 100 dollar bills this week, as the course racers from Oz head to the land of cheap stuff...

It's all for the KTA course racing finals event being held in Pingtan, China.

Aussie racers jumped at the chance to get over there, with plenty of support for the racers, but only a limited amount of places available. Reaching capacity a few weeks ago, there were a few Aussies who missed out, but the big names like Jordan Girdis, Marvin Baumiester and Jalen Andreatta all made it and will be doing Australia proud for sure! 

Stay tuned for the results from the event, and good luck to all those Aussies who are representing us up there! 

Check the Australia Kite Racing Forums for up-to-the-second reports live from China! 


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