Behind the Scenes Testing with Cabrinha's Pat Goodman.

When it comes to kite design, few rival Cabrinha’s Pat Goodman. He was the guy who brought out the Crossbow, arguably the biggest development in kiteboarding since kiteboarding itself. He helped push Cabrinha from one of the many brands, to a true leader of industry , and he’s still there today developing kites like the FX, Switchblade and Drifter.

This week though, he’s working on the 2018 model Cabrinha FX, on the famous Kite Beach at Maui with Nick Jacobsen. Actually, he’s around the corner at ‘Naish beach’, because the wind is better there, but that’s not the point! Nick’s out looping the new FX like there’s no tomorrow, and they’re working on trimming the kite so it climbs out of a loop better.

First, the loops look pretty ordinary, until Pat tweaks a bridle setting (there’s hundreds of bridle attachment points on these kites) and sends the kite crazy! Nick loops it, and it skyrockets back up through the window completely throwing off his timing.

It’s interesting stuff if you’re into how kites work, and what the legendary designers like Pat Goodman get up to each and every day to bring us better and better kites.

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