Big Moves in Bikinis - The Kite Sista Chicks in Brazil.

The world famous Cumbuco lagoon played host to some of kiteboarding’s loveliest young ladies last year, who proceeded to tear the place apart with some freestyle that puts most blokes to shame. They’re the Kite Sista girls, Rita Arnaus, Paula Novotna, Dioneia Vieira Kristiin Oja, Julia Castro & Sofi Chevalier.

Butter flat water, sunshine and 9m condition every day make Cumbuco a haven for freestyle kiteboarders who need flat water to train. During the off season, Brazil is on (but so is Australia) and the worlds best flock there in droves. Sometimes it’s hard to get a free spot to unhook and attempt a move, but that’s where being light becomes an advantage! Using the lighter winds in the morning to train, these girls had plenty of space to ride with only themselves for company.

This footage is actually from back in 2015, but it’s only just been edited to make this awesome little clip of the girls riding in Brazil. Check it out!

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