Double frontroll - strapless surfboard by Patri McLaughlin.

Gravity does not apply to this guy's surfboard...
Far, far away in the land of aloha, there’s a surfer named Patri McLaughlin who is blowing minds with a trick that simply defies gravity. The strapless double frontroll.

The beatings this guy must have taken to learn such a trick were no doubt plenty, and painful. The chafing on his kites lines extreme, the wax beneath his toenails, out of this world. But so is the trick, one of kiteboarding’s most difficult maneuvers, and he’s done not just one of them, but heaps in the following video. Even Keahi hasn’t been seen doing one of these strapless, and he’s the go-to guy for crazy strapless surfboard freestyle.

Looks like Maui is fast regaining its status as the worlds best breeding ground for new kiteboarders, in all disciplines. Look out for this new move at a beach near you!