Have You Seen Airush Gear This Cheap Before?

It’s the lead-up to Summer, and right now you can find Airush kites, boards and accessories from last season (and beyond) on offer direct from the Australian distributers, Auswind.

2016/2017 has been been an incredible season for Airush, with a pro team taking the world by storm, and freeriders loving their gears performance and ease of use more than ever. But 2018 is fast approaching and there’s shelves full of gear in the warehouse at Auswind, so they are once again uploading their stock-lists for public viewing, and offering some serious deals on the old stuff. Deals like new kiteboards from $499, and kites from $749! Here’s how it works.

Jump online and check out the gear here. Buy online, and Auswind will ship the board, kite or accessories straight to your local dealer in time for the summer. It’s as easy as that!

Some of our favorites on the list are the Sector 60 freeride boards. These light wind machines are so much fun when others are trying to stay upwind on their twintips! Explore the coastline, ride fast, ride slow, or just go for a cruise with these super cheap directions. Or, buy one of these and add a foil to it! They’re the perfect shape for light wind foiling, so grab one and drop by your local repairer to modify it for foiling.

Bindings also caught our attention, right now there’s a few sets of Bindings for less than $400 on there, in sizes 8 and 9! That’s as cheap as you’ll find dedicated kite bindings anywhere!

See the full list of discount Airush Kite gear on the Auswind website here.


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