Lancelin Ocean Classic 2018 Results



Another year of Lancelin Ocean Classic has concluded but what a weekend it's been! Kicking off with the Wave Events Friday and the NEW Beach Run event Saturday, followed by the famous Marathon from Ledge to Lancelin!

Two Legends couldn't go without a mention, taking thetwo iconic Lancelin Ocean Classicawards!

Peter Volwater Trophy |Ben Proffitt
Ian Young Trophy |Dale Stanton





Kitesurfing Marathon

Open |1st Andrew Cooksey | 2nd Mani Bisschops | 3rd Alty Frisby | 4th Lincoln Sullivan | 5th Dale Stanton | 6th Billy Hamptom

Women |1st Kathryn Davies | 2nd Rachael Hughes | 3rd Karin Scheiwiller

Grand Masters |1st Ian Young | 2nd Kent Wright | 3rd Harry Findling

Masters |1st Michael Shepherd | 2nd Brad Hill | 3rd Jonathan Parker

Junior |1st Luke Atkinson | 2nd Logan Mccormick

Twin Tip | Thanks to Kite Addiction|1st Daniel Anderson | 2nd Daniel Van Der Sluys | 3rd Luca De Prato | 4th Adam Bjaerkse | 5th Cooper Bater



John Carter Photography


Windsurfing Marathon

Elite |1st Alexandre Cousin | 2nd Avan Griffith | 3rd Ben Proffitt | 4th Julien Ventalon | 5th Mathias Moerman | 6th Max Gaubert

Open |1st Geoff Watters | 2nd Karin Jaggi | 3rd Ohhan Kwon

Women |1st Karin Jaggi | 2nd Kirra Pallant | 3rd Lok Yiu Won

Grand Masters |1st Novak Jol | 2nd Claude Lecoq | 3rd Mark Smith

Masters |1st Pierre Falloord | 2nd Tim Crommelin | 3rd Mark Ferinand

Junior |1st Kai Dunn



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Beach Run


Open Mens | 1st James Payne |2nd Paul Rowland |3rd Dean Aynsley

Opens Womens | Liusaidh Gilchrist | 2nd Corleen Oosthuizen | 3rd Jemma McKnight

Under 16 Mens | Timothy Lonnqvist


Opens Mens | 1st Steven Ohalloran |2nd Liam Snowden |3rd Michael Bowles

Opens Womens | 1st Maia Simmond |2nd Morgan Marsh |3rd Heather Longworth

Under 16 Women | Lucy Lonnqvist

Relay 1st | The long and short of it team



John Carter Photography



Kitesurfing Waves

Ladies| 1st Theresa Mckirdy | Runner Up Fabienne Bosiger

Junior| 1st Luke Atkinson | Runner Up Issac Cocca

Amateurs| 1st Julien Herm | Runner up Wilco Veerman

Masters| 1st Andre Cater | Runner Up Bonny Sulistyo

Legends|1st Dave Murphy | Runner Up Greg Ireland

International| 1st- Jules Westerhof (U.K) | Runner Up Luca Deprato (Italy)

Air| Leonardo Loro |WipeoutMike Kay

Open| 1st Ryland Blakeney | 2nd Jake Gordon | 3rd Dale Stanton



John Carter Photography


Windsurfing Waves Results

Elite| 1st Phillip Koster | 2nd Adam Lewis 3rd Jaeger Stone | 4th Ben Proffit

Open| 1st Geoff Watters | 2nd Jorge | 3rd Matt Mormans

Masters| 1st Steve Sheen 2nd Mick Steffan | 3rd Jason Mathews

Womens| 1st Jane Seman | 2nd Justyna Snady | 3rd Maeli Cherel


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