Naish Bring Back a Legend - The Boxer is Back!

Born as the Boxer in 2001, died as the Boxer SLE in 2007, the all-round kite from Naish is back for round 8 in 2017, 10 years after it was shelved as a ‘nice try’.

2007 was a harsh time for kite manufactueres, it was a case of design-a-bow-kite-or-die-trying, and many ended up with the latter. Naish kept themselves afloat thanks to their enormously successful Torch models, still selling strong in the freestyle market, and made it through to today by bringing a host of new kite models into their lineup. Now, they’re giving the Boxer another crack, and it might be back for good!

One of a couple of kites in Naish’s mid season release for 2017/2018, the Naish Boxer promises the ‘Freedom to Adapt’, and they say;
“the Boxer is incredibly easy to relaunch, light to the touch, responsive but gentle. Very easy to sheet in and go, this kite is quick, easy to control and generates power quickly. It’s light and lively feel at the fingertips makes it approachable and forgiving. In short, the Boxer is the proverbial “yes man”—eager to please, easy to control and supportive enough to explore your own style.”

With a single strut, sizes 4 to 12m (with every meter in between) and their quad-tex ripstop fabric canopy – Look out for the all-new 2017/2018 Naish Boxer at your local stores next demo day.