New kitesurfing clothing brand launches

A new clothing brand arrives .. 

Ivo, founder & creator of the designs at Exult shares his story:

"EXULT is a kite surf clothing brand made in Australia aiming to uplift the standard of kite wear threads. By focusing purely on clothing we can confidently deliver the highest quality apparel with prints that represent the limitless styles and development that accompanies the sport. Independent of any existing kite equipment brand we bring you a unique product that stands alone to represent the vibrant aspects of kitesurfing and kite culture.

EXULT creators have spent a great amount of time researching the apparel and print techniques that suit kite surfers best. High quality material that connects with your body and withstands the test of time. As soon as you get your hands on your fresh new threads you will feel the difference. Much thought has been put into the designs used and will be extended to the ongoing development of EXULT apparel to ensure that we are truly capturing the development and lifestyle that represents kite surfing; beach, wind, water, mates and not to forget our favorite wind compass: the palm tree.

EXULT translates to triumphant elation or jubilation and the act of showing or feeling this, commonly experienced by people who partake in this sport! Our dream is that the experience of the unique kite culture, exciting kite sessions and events is shared by everyone. Our philosophy? Be out there! Live the culture and make a statement wherever you go.

EXULT is made in Sydney, Australia but ships worldwide. Check out our range, find what suits you best, get amongst it and represent the kitesurfing culture! "