Sam Light on Freestyle Surfboards and Foils.

Loves hooked in grabs. Hates Surfboard Freestyle.
Three time champ at the Triple S, Sam Light is a man who knows his way around the wakestyle scene in kiteboarding. He’s kept his nose clean, won lots of comps, been instrumental in the progression of parkstyle kiteboarding and product design based around wakestyle for Slingshot.

“I’m always busy, I never stop.” Explains Sam. “I’m planning the next trip, or editing a movie, I’m always producing content for all the brands I work for, it’s non stop!”

They call it ‘On Record’ and in this interview with the man himself, he shares some solid gold comments for young riders about what it means to get sponsored and how to get noticed in the fast paced world of Social Media. He also drops a bomb about strapless surfboard freestyle.

“The WORST trend in kiteboarding is freestyle Surfboards. That twiddly stuff; you know when you do a 360 shuvit. I heard there’s a world tour of that. On a surfboard. It’s like, ridiculous. Anybody could do that!”

Whether you agree with him on the surfboards or not, check out what Sam has to say about what’s going on in the world of kiteboarding.


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