The Best Fun a Kite Pro Could Have On (and off) The Water!

The 2017 Wind Voyager Triple S Invitational is well known as a world-class event. Not just because kiteboarders from all over the world spend their entire year trying for an invite, but because those who make it, are so stoked to be there!

Not only do Real Watersports on the Outer Banks of Cape Hatteras build the best obstacles in the world, they host huge parties and create opportunities for the invited kiteboarders to hang out. Nobody cares about who’s sponsored by who, nobody worries about giving each other a launch. It’s a week of riding, a week of partying, and a week nobody forgets.

This year, the event had a cherry on top. Ewan Jaspan, our very own grommie turned kiteboarding legend from Melbourne won it. Of all the world tour events, all the sponsorship offers, free gear, tree holidays away - winning this event was at the top of the list.

Watch the vid below and you’ll see why. He’s been heading over to the US for a few years now after winning a wildcard entry into the Triple S back in 2013, where he debuted at 3rd place behind Rick Jensen and Aaron Hadlow. Ever since, through injury and recovery he’s been back to watch or compete, and 4 years later he did it – marking the beginning of a competitive comeback we’ve all hoped for.

Check out the highlights reel from the 2017 Wind Voyager Triple S below.