The Paradise Wave Garden - foiling Inspiration!

There’s something beautiful about hydrofoiling, no matter what form it’s in. Whether it’s kite foiling, wind foiling, sup foiling or even wakefoiling, the silent glide is compelling to watch.

Especially when it’s being filmed in locations like the ones in this film by Horue!

These guys have been making hydrofoils since the beginning, starting with kite foils on wakeskates. They quickly got into other forms of foiling too, now they’re even doing it on its own, with no form of wind power and just pumping the foil around with their legs. As far as freeriding on a kite hydrofoil goes, this vid offers a ton of inspiration for kite foilers, and you can do all of this on your current foil!

Don’t have one yet? Check out the foil forums for advice on what to choose, how to build your own kite foil or how to make your first foiling session a success.

Check out the vid below for a little inspiration!