The Perfect Winter Training Tool: Cable Parks!

One of the tricky things about the sport of kiteboarding, is that there aren’t many ways to practice, other than actually going kiteboarding. For that you need wind, and daylight. Both of which are lacking in winter – but good news! We did say ‘many’ ways to practice, and Cable Parks are an exceptional way you CAN get out for a ride, when there’s not a breath of wind.

Similar to kiteboarding, with the same pull angle and speeds – Cable Wakeboarding is as close as you can get to what we do. Basically, it’s called ‘cable’ because instead of a boat, or kite pulling you around; there’s an overhead cable which pulls riders either around a circuit, or back and forth down a channel.

Because so much is the same, and all the tricky bits like having a kite steering all over the sky, practicing your edging technique and riding toeside is easy! You’ll learn how to edge hard, turn corners, and complete sketchy waterstarts. You can even try hitting your first ramps or rails. Cable parks have the best obstacles in the business set up on every lake, so you can hit them with relative safety.

Check out Jake Kelsick scoring a session at a Cable Park in Miami to see what it's all about below.

A list of Cable Parks in Australia is also below, call your closest one and book yourself in for a session this winter, to keep your head in the kiteboarding game!

Cable Parks in Australia

-Mackay, QLD – Go Wake Cable Park
-Perth, WA – Perth Wake Park
-Bli Bli, QLD – Bli Bli Wake Park
-Cairns, QLD – Cairns Wake Park
-Logan, QLD – Cable Ski Logan
-Darwin, NT – North Shore Parks
-Gold Coast, QLD – Gold Coast Wake Park
-Penrith, NSW – Cables Wake Park
-Townsville, QLD – ASI Wake Park


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