You won't believe the conditions these guys rode in!

Have you seen ‘that video’ of the news reporter shouting ‘Oh come on!!!’ at a " kiteboarder out riding during Hurricane Irma in the USA? Well that’s got nothing on what these guys just did in Zandvoort…

The Red Bull Megaloop Challenger. It’s a brainwave from of Ruben Lenten, once-king of the megaloop trick in kiteboarding and champion for extreme riding itself, and the event is not just an event. It’s a showcase to the world, exhibiting the fact that kiteboarders can be absolutely insane.

Picture this, it’s blowing 50 knots. The swell is being blown flat, and churned up into a brown foamy mess. On the beach, hundreds of spectators have their legs blasted with sand as they watch the worlds most extreme kiteboarders not only ride, but compete in the Megaloop Challenge.

“The Red Bull Megaloop Challenge has never been done in these conditions” Said a stoked Ruben Lenten“The wind was unbelievable! Respect for these guys, it’s been a pleasure watching them today!”

Watch the video below to see how it all went down, but at the end of the day it was Joshua Emanuel from South Africa standing on top of the podium. He won it thanks to a super tweaked out backroll, mid mega-loop, stealing the coveted prize from three rider who KNOW how to loop - Steven Akkersdijk, Lasse Walker and Kevin de Smidt.

With winds that strong, riders recorded loops 15m high, covered 100m downwind and floated 5 seconds before touching down. It was kiteboarding like you’ve never seen before, so check out the video below!


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