100ft Maxi Sails Between Spectator Boats- only cm to spare!

Believe it or not - there wasn't a scratch on anyone's boat!

It's the ultimate warm up to the Sydney to Hobart, with 100ft Maxi yachts stretching their legs on Sydney Harbour for the CYCA's Big Boat Challenge. Although one almost didn't make it to the Hobart, narrowly avoiding two spectator boats on the start line.

Every racer knows the feeling when one end of the line is heavily biased, and in this case it was the leeward end in the Western side of Sydney Harbour. Beau Geste Racing was the furthest downwind, with Scallywag on top, covered by Perpetual Loyal 50m upwind. The yachts weren't the problem in this case however, it was the spectator fleet who were positioned on the same side of the start line, right in the sights of three 100ft Maxis.

What do you do when a multi million dollar yacht is heading straight for you? Sometimes it's best to stay perfectly still, which is what these two boats did, allowing Scallywag just enough room to pass between them. Skipper of Scallyway ,David Witt explained to the press after the race; "We were very very lucky that didn't end up in tears. I reckon we were two inches away from hitting one, and four inches away from the other and there was nowhere to go. That was seriously close."

Seriously close is an understatement… Check it out for yourself on the Seabreeze.com.au Facebook Page!