104.6kmph on three wheels. Blokart World Record

He's going faster than you're allowed to drive your car on most roads!
The appropriately aged Scott Young turned 65 this month, and on the 22nd of September headed out to Ivanpah Dry Lake in Primm, Nevada where the wind was howling. He had with him a roll of electrical tape, a basic GPS, his mate, and his wife. He was about to set a record of 65mph, which equates to a whopping 104.6kmph.

104.6kmph. In a BLOKART.

Yep, you know what a Blokart is, a three wheeled buggy with a sail on top. They're hilariously fun in carparks and open beaches, and it turns out that they can go REALLY fast out of the box.

Now there's not enough of these things to organize proper world record proceedings, it's more of an unofficial thing. This is also a peak speeed, reached just at the very end of a run as Scott's released his mainsheet. The water based records are held over 500m with the average speed being recorded as the final entry. But who really cares - watch this guy go faster than you're allowed to drive your car, right here…