Amazing Ocean Racers do battle in the Bay!

Watching the teams in the Volvo Ocean Race stand strong against mountains of water, and stinging spray in the middle of the roughest seas is fun. But watching them do battle in the confined space of Big Bay in South Africa? That's even better!

Fresh crews, boats in 100% working order, and everyone kept in close proximity with each other; what better recipe could the organisers of the Volvo Ocean race cook up? This week was an In-Port race; which still counts towards the overall points, but only lasts for one hour instead of a week. It's the typical windward leeward style course race you'll see dinghys and skiffs doing in the middle of Sydney Harbour, but these boats are 60 ft long and worth millions on millions of dollars. Same same, but different.

Just because these boats are worth so much, doesn't mean they play it safe! With mere centimeters between them while doing nearly 20 knots of boat speed, the crews get tactical, they play games, and at the end of the race the winner will be the one who made the best decisions when it counted. There's not enough time to recover a mistake, bcause the race only runs for an hour.

With the gorgeous backdrop of Big Bay and Table Mountain, this is one of the best legs of the Volvo Ocean Race. Watch the highlights reel below.

Next up for the Volvo Ocean race is what many believe to the the most challenging leg of all - through the Southern Ocean from Cape Town to Melbourne. Starting on the 10th December, the crews will (quite literally) fly down wind in some of the roughest swells and strongest winds on earth.