Foiling IMOCA 60's in this years Vendee Globe

Around the world in 80 days, with one person, one boat and two strangely shaped hydrofoils.
In just a few days time, 10 sailors will embark on a round the world race. It's a high speed, high action and nigh tension trip - because those 10 sailors are each on their own boat. It's none other than the Vend?e Globe, and this year it's guaranteed to be spectacular.

This week, Alex Thompson was off the southern tip of the UK training with his new yacht Hugo Boss, and watching the video is the best way to explain WHY this years Vend?e Globe is going to be so spectacular. Two words: Dali Foils.

Shaped like a Moustache with turned up tips, these hydrofoils aren't what you're used to seeing on the bottom of a Moth. They can't lift the boat completely out of the water, that's just not possible with a keelboat of this size. What they can do, is partially lift the nose out of the water, preventing nose dives (kind of) and dramatically increasing speed.

Seven of the ten entrants in this years race have their IMOCA 60's fitted with Dali Foils, and there's much apprehension regarding their effectiveness in open ocean for extended periods of time.

The Vend?e Globe is the worlds only non-stop, unassisted around the world race with a record of just under 80 days. That's pretty fast for one person on a boat!