Glowfast designs custom Luminous Rope Clutch Labels for Oyster

1:26 AM Fri 8 Jan 2010 GMT
Glowfast Marine
Glowfast Marine is proud to announce its association with luxury yacht builder Oyster Marine Ltd. Oyster has commissioned Glowfast to design a customised set of Luminous Rope Clutch Labels to be supplied as standard on all new build Oyster Yachts.

Glowfast Director, Jason Theuma, commented, 'I am delighted that Oyster Marine is the first mono-hull builder to include a customised set of Glowfast Luminous Rope Clutch Labels as standard on its new build yachts. It is a testament to their continuing efforts to provide the highest quality and innovation for their owners.'

The Glowfast Luminous Rope Clutch Labels - Oyster Special Edition are also available to Oyster owners wishing to retrofit their existing yachts with the latest in high quality custom designed luminous products.

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Available online via the Glowfast website .

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