How long until it's gone?

It’s a little late for new years resolutions, but we found this picture from the US and thought, better late than never!!

You’ll be amazed at how long some stuff lasts when you throw it overboard. That age old question of ‘how long does a can last when you throw it overboard’ is answered by a simple “Longer than you think!”

Using that as an example, the theory is that the super thin aluminum decomposes within a few days. As legend has it, faster if you tear the can down the middle. But according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), it’s more like 200 years! That’s a long time to cash in on your bet with the other crew. Plastic bottles are worse, with an expected life of 450 years, those things could probably also survive the apocalypse, as can disposable nappies, and of course fishing line.

Do the ocean a favour and keep that junk in the boat. Throw it in a bin when you get back to the marina and let the authorities throw it in landfill at least it won’t be floating around then…