Is it a boat? Is it a plane? No! It's a V_Rex!

Plane? Boat? It's more like the former... And it's fast!
While breaking world records is not the intention of Austrian designer Peter Steinkogler, he says that breaking them will be inevitable. His new design called the 'V-Rex' will be capable of up to 60 knots on water (no worries he says!) thanks to an innovative design drawing influence from both aviation, and windsurfing.

Imagine an aeroplane, one with a canard wing on the nose (instead of the tail). Add two hydrofoils; and a rig. And you basically have the V_Rex. It heels to windward like a windsurfer to help minimize weight on the foils; meanwhile water ballast tanks help keep it heeled at an angle of exactly 66 degrees. As all that's going on, the windward wing (which flies parallel to the water), uses ailerons to keep things level and further reduce weight on the foils. Up front, that canard controls pitch.

So really, it's an aeroplane that goes on water. It's so similar in fact, that the two man crew control it exactly like an aeroplane. The skipper (pilot?) changes direction with his feet, and pitch/roll of the boat with a joystick.

While concept drawings are as close to the finished product as you'll find right now, the designer Peter Steinkogler is actively looking for funding. Stay tuned to see if this one flies, because if it does - this could be another revolutionary development in the sailing world!