Life on board the Foiling Cruiser - DNA F4 Falcon

Sunset, open ocean, it's a cruising sailors dream, without the slap,slap,slap of the water!

It's not all about the America's Cup when it comes to foiling, cruising sailors want 'in' on the action, and with new manufacturers like Gunboat and DNA developing boats like the F4 Falcon, now they can.

When they say 'foiling cruisers', they really do mean foiling cruisers. These cats have comfortable cabins, easy sailing characteristics and room for all the family. But, they have foils, and they cruise at 20 knots quite comfortably, in 12 knots of wind. It's amazing to see, and pro snowboarder Travis Rise (also a keen sailor) was desperate to have a try, so when they invited him on board for the ferry from Bermuda to Antigua, you bet he was there!

From the doldrums, to a howling downwind run in a solid sea, watch how the F4 'Falcon' performs in real world conditions from both on board and a drone following along. She's smooth through the swell, and picks up onto the foils beautifully. It won't be long before these boats start appearing at a yacht club near you!