Man sailing around the world with his pet CHICKEN!

Around the world his his chicken... Guirec and Monique are making more than headlines!
This chicken is no chicken! Monique the hen is currently on yacht in the middle of the arctic right now, with her master Guirec Soudée. The pair are circumnavigating the globe, in an attempt to be the first hen, and the youngest man to cross the North West Passage.

Aside from the obvious rigours of life at sea, Monqiue has been through a lot with her mate Guirec. They’ve been stand up paddling. Surfing. Jetskiing. Swimming. Fishing. You name it, If Guirec’s done it, Monique has been there too.

After all that, and the unsettling nature of being at sea, Monique is still laying eggs! One has to wonder about the ratio of grain to egg output and whether keeping a chicken on board is a viable means of feeding yourself at sea. It has been tried before, but in most cases when put on board a boat, chickens stop laying eggs. Must be something special about their relationship...

The pair are posting occasional social media updates when they can get a connection, and there’s also a children’s book being written about their adventure. The Transatlantic of Monique is a short picture book about Monqiue, the worlds most adventurous chicken, and unlike many tales about adventurous animals – this one’s completely true! Look out for that one, for young sailors to be, the pre-release pictures look like a lot of fun.

Check out their promo video below.