Sailing Around the World In 10ft - Update!

Sven and the 10ft boat he's attempting to build, and sail around the world in.
You may remember a few years ago we wrote an article about Sven Yrvind; a 75 year old from Sweden who at the time, we called 'a little nuts'. Well, two years on he's still on track to make his circumnavigation in a bathtub.

Well, it's not quite a bathtub, it's a 10ft long boat called Yrvind TEN.

Smaller than most children's trainer dinghies, the Yrvind TEN is one of the most unique boats you'll ever see. 10ft long and weighing 1.5 tonnes, it features three masts, two individually controllable rudders, a gunwale mounted leeboard and bubble dome on the deck with enough space to fit the sailors head. Since we last brought you the story about Mr Yrvind, he's explained a little more about the unique design of the little boat, and progressed well into the build.

Right now he's working on the rudders, which have been designed so they can be controlled individually! Why you ask? The answer is simple, by angling the rudders outwards in opposite directions, they act like a sea drogue, slowing the boat and aiding controllability in heavy seas. Certainly an advantage to a 10ft long boat in 50ft swell.

Follow along with this fascinating build process on Svens blog and website , as he builds a 10ft boat to circumnavigate the globe in…