Sober Sailing, done best by the Norweigains!

Believe it or not, you want to be this guy...
Creative genius is a term more than appropriate for the film makers and producers who came up with the idea behind these boating safety ads, featuring a guy they call 'The Boss'.

You might remember him from his video 'How to dock like a Boss', where he expertly sailed past a boatload of drinkers, stood proud on the bow of his fishing boat (we'd call it a 'tinny' over here) as it slid perfectly into position at the boat ramp. The aim was to promote sober sailing, stopping the nation wide drinking culture that is one-and-the-same with the Aussies - you go sailing, boating, fishing - you pack the esky.

While some might say 'it's just what you do!', there's a lot to be said about the risks of operating a vehicle under the influence. So what to do? Make another great video of course!

This time around, 'The Boss' is going sailing instead of driving a tinny, but the problem is - he's still on the ramp. Not to worry, a bag full of sand hoists the main, a bungee lowers the trailer into the water (and pulls it back the ramp) and without moving a muscle he sails out to some onlookers who are enjoying a cold one. They offer him one, but of course 'The Boss' doesn't drink while he's sailing. You can see for yourself what he does with it; it's absolute genius!