The 'Other' Americas Cup - J Class in Bermuda

While the worlds eyes were fixed on the foiling catamarans in this years Americas Cup, 8 boats stole the attention of many - they were the J Class fleet, showing that boats designed 80 years ago can still be spectacular today.

One look at a J Class yacht and you'll understand why they have a cult following around the world. Few can afford to own one, a lucky few get the opportunity to sail one, and even though they look like traditional yachts - some are as modern as they come.

Designed according to 'The Universal Rule', a formula taking into account boat length, sail area and displacement to give a rating, the J Class was the result of a pursuit for performance in the early 1900's. Used in the early Americas Cup events, they were considered the fastest boats of their time (just like we consider those foiling cats today); but today, they're considered the most beautiful of OUR time. So desirable are they today, designers have made modern yachts with all the mod-cons of a racing superyacht in the 21st century. Carbon sails, instruments to rival those on the space shuttle, headsets for the crews to communicate.

It's modern day racing with a classic feel. Check out the recap from the J Class regatta held in Bermuda this year during the Americas Cup.