The age of cabin class foilers is here!

This slick looking cat is cheaper than a TP52, yet twice as fast....

Called an F4, this Catamaran has sleeping berths, wheel steering and hydraulic winches. It's designed for shorthanded sailing, and has a target range of 1000nm races, its 46ft long and is more affordable than a TP52 at one third of the operating cost and twice the speed.

Because it foils.

Designed by DNA, this cat is being sea trialed in the USA right now after being designed and built in Holland. It's a one design class for owner sailors who want something a little more exciting than the club championship series. Last year the Gunboat G4 grabbed headlines all over the world as being the first foiling cruiser to take to the skies, but after a string of mishaps with the G4, and Gunboats other models; the company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy late last year.

Will the F4 top the G4 and bring foiling to the owner/racer/cruiser market? We'll find out soon once the boat begins its trials in the US.