Vendee Globe Proves Foils are the Future Of Ocean Racing

For those who ask if it really is possible to lift an Imoca 60 out of the water. Yes, it's possible!
When the Vendee Globe began back in late 2016, crews debated whether Dali foils were really the way to go when it came to ocean racing. Heavy seas, fast speeds and really heavy boats are not a good combination when being supported by a few centimeters of carbon fiber. But for 5 of the 7 Imoca 60's that started with foils, it proved to be an exceptional choice.

Banque Populaire, skippered by Armel Le Cl?ac'h in his third Vendee Globe, smashed the race record by nearly four days, completing the course in 74 days 3 hours 35 minutes 46 seconds thanks to the foils! British Sailor Alex Thompson finished second, 15 hours behind, after breaking one of his two foils on the run, and Jeremie Beyou placed third.

Three boats, five foils (due to Alex Thomspon breaking one). It's a clear sign that the future of ocean racing will be in hydrofoiling yachts. As long as they can make the ocean passages without breaking that is...

When will we see one in the Hobart?