Worlds Weirdest Looking Superyacht Breaks Design Records

The Superyacht 'A' was taken for its first test motor this week in Kiel, North of Hamburg - revealing itself as one of the strangest looking superyachts ever made.

Certainly lacking the elegant lines of a Wally, and without the flair of your typical billionaires lavish toys, make no mistake. This yacht WILL be noticed when she finally gets sailing. With three enourmous free standing masts each measuring 300ft, 90m high, they are the worlds tallest composite freestanding structures; each containing a small room within the base to house electronics and rigging components. Just think about that, 90m high with NO STAYS!

Aside from the ginormous masts, the yacht known only as 'Sailing Yacht A' will feature helicopter pads, eight floors and teak decking throughout. It's also worth an estimated $450 million, a drop in the ocean compared to its owners net worth of $11.9 Billion.

With sailing trials next week, stay tuned to see what the state of the art sails look like…