Dog surfing with Dr Harry and Chris De Aboitiz

Teach your dog a new trick - surfing!
This year Dr Harry made a house call to the Noosa Festival of Surfing, where he met dog surfing legend Chris De Aboitiz and his dogs!

Thanks to the power of the internet, the crew from Better Homes and Gardens obviously got wind of how popular the dog surfing competitions were going to be after last year saw a packed out beach during the heat that lasted only a few minutes. This event was even bigger, with thousands of spectators lining the beach and First Point National Park to watch some amazing displays of not only surfing, but dog training.

The training's the hard part when it comes to convincing your dog that it's a good idea to get on a stand up paddle board with you. In their eyes, there's balls to chase, butts to sniff and then of course there's that whole business of you being in control of them, on a big floaty board in the middle of the ocean. 

Thanks to Dr Harry, you too can train your dog just like Chris De Aboitiz's Lani. Start with your board on the sand, because you need to get your dog comfortable with sitting on the board itself. Once you've mastered that - then progress to flat water, and waves only when your dog's comfortable and trained to stay on the board. Dr Harry's tips include using lots of positive reinforcement and treats to help, and always make sure you move at the dogs pace, not your own. 

Check out the video's in parts one and two here. 

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