Fun Winter Waves for Stand Up Paddling in Byron

You can get some pretty amazing shots from a
GoPro on the end of your paddle...
It's been a few weeks (or even months) since the East coast got some decent swell. What a perfect time to get the SUP out and share some laughs with your mates. 

That's what stand up paddle surfing is meant to be right? Small waves, blue skies, dolphins in the water and party waves all day. Yeah there's the big wave and extreme stuff, but days like this are fun! Check out this clip from the boys at The Surfboard Warehouse as they test out the new Halo 10'6" Allrounder. They're at Byron Bay on the northern NSW coast and having an absolute blast. 

It's also a great example of how easy it is to shoot your own movies with two GoPro's and a bit of editing magic from a simple movie editor. Here you can see they've got one camera on the nose of the SUP and one halfway down a paddle. By paddling into the same wave, holding the paddle up high and cutting a mix of the two images together, BAM! You could call yourself the James Cameron of SUP movies. 

Maybe you won't be that good, but you'll at least make a few people sitting in the office smile as they watch you and your mates out surfing... Check it out and give it a go next time you're on the water.

Stand Up Paddle
Stand Up Paddle

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