Like Rugby on Water - Stand Up Paddle Ball

Stand Up Paddle Ball
It was only a matter of time before someone decided it would be a great idea to mix netball, football and stand up paddling. And where better to bring the sport of stand up paddle ball to life than Manly, NSW.

The Manly Kayak Center have started regular evenings off the Manly Wharf in Sydney, playing a full contact version of what was previously only reserved for yobbo's messing around on soft boards.

“It is a contact sport, so people can't go in thinking it is going to be like a touch game. It is kind of like rugby on paddle boards." Says Annabel Horton. "You can tackle people off the boards but you can't have any contact with the paddles because of injury.”
The aim of the game is to score goals by throwing, kicking or batting a large ball into a floating goal. Players can tackle each other, jump on each others boards and push them off to prevent a goal, but there is never any contact with a paddle. That’s just not cricket.

Here's the list of rules:

+ Matches are played between two teams of five heading in opposite directions.
+ A goal is scored by hitting the 'SUPBall goal buoys' with the match ball.
+ Matches consist of two 20 minute halves with a five minute break. Teams swap directions at half time.
+ There is no boundary to a SUPball field.

+ Once a player is in possession of the ball they must stop paddling.
+ A player who is not on a board is deemed to be out the game until they get back on a board. They must not interfere with the ball or other players whilst in the water.
+ Once a goal is scored the team which scored the goal must retreat around their defensive 'goal buoy' in order to be considered onside. Until they have done this they must not interfere with the ball or other players.

+ You may play the ball with your hands or your paddle
+ Boarding other peoples boards is permitted to knock them off, steal the ball, block a goal etc.
+ If unmarked a short pass ahead of yourself is a good way move up the field with the ball legally
+ Leaving a defensive players protecting your goal is not only good for defense, if your team scores a goal this player can immediately put them self onside and rush forward to attack while the rest of their team is retreating to get onside.

Is this something you’d like to see more of at a beach near you? The Manly events are on now, so give the Manly Kayak centre a call to get involved. Or, give it a try with some mates and an old soccer ball next time you’re on the water, it’s pretty fun!!! 

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