Stop press! Liard Hamilton falls of stand up paddle board!

Liard Hamilton takes an every-day fall in Bondi...
The worlds news outlets were first in a flurry after he turned up on Bondi, but what began as a simple star-spotting exercise quickly became a bit of a bagging match when Hamilton misjudged a knee-whacker of a wave and fell off his SUP.

“While he may be known for dominating Hawaii's North Shore, it appears as though Laird Hamilton is struggling with Sydney's currently underwhelming waves.” Says the Daily Mail in the UK.

Underwhelming? Hamilton struggling? We think not, this guy is one of the greats of stand up paddle, and everyone falls off from time to time. Those knee high rollers at Bondi are super fun, and if anyone could them look good it’s Hamilton.

Liard Hamilton is currently in Australia to show off his new line of stand up paddle boards and equipment, appropriately branded Liard Standup. He’ll also be attending the Southern Cross SUP event in Port Stephens this weekend, saying:

"I'm really looking forward to coming to Australia and show the Australian audience my latest range of stand-up paddle boards and paddles. Hopefully, I'll be able to sample some decent waves while I'm there as well.”

Sample them he did, but one little wipeout and the media lynched him for it. Must be hard at the top.

Head down to Port Stephens this weekend to meet the legend, and stay tuned to see what he’s got planned for his line up stand up paddling equipment.