What happens when you mix SUP and a water park?

SUPstacle is not your usual sprint race!
They call it SUPstacle, and despite what you’re thinking, it’s not a medical condition involving Sup and your… Well you know…

SUP with Obscales! Of course, how could we think anything else. SUPstacle is a crazy concept out of Germany which looks like a ton of fun. Imagine running a gauntlet, paddle in hand, with a SUP board as your only means of getting from one obstacle to the other. That’s what this is all about, using giant inflatable pool toys as the obstacles. The concept is pretty simple, four paddlers start on the beach, paddle to the first obstacle, clamber over it, duck under it, slide down it etc. First over the line wins.

Will the concept & gear coming to Australia? As of yet, nobody appears to have jumped on board to buy the obstacles, or organize an event, but with the way SUP is expanding here in Australia, expect to see the big red jumping castles off a beach near you soon…

What we really want to know, is what happens when you stab a giant inflatable water slide with a carbon paddle blade? Pssssshhhhhhhhhhh…

Stand Up Paddle
Stand Up Paddle

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