Go-Fast Flat Water SUPS for Fanatic in 2018

With the fresh release of their new website, Fanatic have dropped a load of new shapes for 2018, including a very slick looking new Ray, Race winning Falcon and Flatwater machine Strike.

All with new colour schemes of course, and almost every shape in the 2018 Fanatic line has been altered for the better. They’re faster, lighter and most of the composite shapes have the option to purchase them in the Custom Bamboo Sandwich Light Finish Technology. This gorgeous looking wood finish on the nose section of the board is not only pretty to look at, it’s more durable than fiberglass/carbon alone.

Standout shapes are the new Ray, with a sleek bow section designed to cut through chop when cruising. Its race inspired outline keeps the board gliding effortlessly, and the graphic design team have out-done themselves with the look.

Their racers, the Falcon and Strike continue with their race-winning predigree. CAD designed, and this year boasting more stability despite the 14’0 version of the Strike being offered in widths down to 21.5”! They too have some sweet graphics, especially the underside of the boards, using yellow stripes to accentuate the new nose outlines.

Like what you hear? Drop by your local Fanatic SUP dealer and see these boards in the flesh, or better still – grab a demo!

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