It's Bikini time! Tips for keeping a bikini ON in the surf!

Charge big waves - with no fear!
With the weather warming up and water temps soon to follow – it’s time to ditch the wetty and grab your most loved bikini. But every year we hear stories about stand up paddling ladies who have loved, and lost. Their bikini’s that is.

So how do you keep it on in the surf? We found a few hilarious stories from the pros, and a couple of tips to help you stay modest this summer.

Tip 1: Always surf with a mate. Preferably one in a T-shirt. Fiona Wylde, straight shooter and bikini advocate had quite the experience when surfing with her boyfriends dad! With just the two of them out, she got smashed by a wave and surfaced without her top. It hadn’t just slipped, it was completely gone! Luckily, she could paddle over prone to cover up, and like a true gentleman he loaned her his shirt so they could continue surfing.

Tip 2: Don’t attempt to re-tie your bikini on the water. Even if you think nobody is around, or that you’ve done it a million times before. Untying your bikini laces on the water is a baaaaad idea. Just ask Shae Foudy, who was out giving a kids SUP lesson and lost her grip. Being made of lycra, the bikini top went rocketing off her chest and left a few of the boys red faced.

Tip 3: Choose a bikini designed for surfing/stand up paddling. There’s a big difference between a fashion bikini and one made for girls who surf. Avoid the department store varieties and head into your local surf shop or SUP store. There’s all kinds of brands now which specialize in making bikinis that stay on during the meanest of wipeouts. Our favourite slogan is ‘Bikinis built for the barrel’ by Hawaiian brand Pakaloha,

Have you got some tips for avoiding embarrassment on the water? We'd love to add them to this little guide, so write us and share your stories!

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