Starboard release their fastest race SUP range yet!

Think those 2017 Ace, Sprint and Allstar were fast? Wait until you paddle one of their new models! In 2018, Starboard have a whopping 21 race boards in their lineup, all of which promise to get you over the line faster.

Those characteristic red noses are crossing finish lines first all over the world, and while Starboards noses might still be red in 2018, their new shape is one of the key changes you’ll notice in the Allstar, Sprint and Ace. Not all noses will be red either! Selected shapes will be coming out with pink noses, and tail pads, for the girls. These sizes are those based on lighter paddlers, so ask your local shop about what’s available.

‘Game changer’ is a term used a lot in the industry, but one board really was a ‘game changer’ when it was first introduced. The Allstar from Starboard was a true blend of a board designed for both flat water, and downwinder racing. Now in its 6th generation, the board that changed the board has more intricate details than you can see with the naked eye. The biggest changes this year are in the nose and tail, with a redesigned nose to punch through ocean swell and a flatter tail to provide more stability.

“It’s for upwind, downwind, side wind, flat water, surfing, you can combine everything with the All Star.” Explains Fiona Wylde, one of many paddlers who contributed to the tweaks in this years board. There’s a lot going on if you look closely, like extra inserts for handles right up the back of the board (in case you need to drop down and go prone on a huge day). The concave is a little shallower, and the rails are chamfered to further help speed and reduce rolling.

That’s not all though! Check out the video below to see more about the tweaks in the 2018 Staboard Allstar, and click through to see the rest of the 2018 Starboard SUP lineup.

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