What It Feels Like to Finish SUP's Most Iconic Race.

Imagine paddling for hours, to be faced with this at the finish line. That's the Molokai to Oahu!
Ask any stand up paddler who’s finished the Molokai to Oahu and they’ll tell you. Crossing that line on Oahu is something they will never forget. Hours of paddling, fierce competition, conditions that scare the daylights out of most stand up paddlers; it all comes together with a point break and stretch of flat water on Oahu.

Last year was the 20th year, where records were broken and yet again, entries were sold out only a few days after they opened. But the M2O wasn’t always the high profile event it is today – back in the beginning it was a handful of guys, a couple of boats and the major prize was winning itself. “There was only about 30 of us, and it was pretty funny; exactly as you can imagine 20 years ago. We just worked it out as we went along.” Explains one of the first paddlers to do the race (anyone know who it is?) “It was an amazing experience. Frighteningly amazing, and something I’ll never forget.”

Captured in this video is the essence of the event. Paddlers who do it for the love, not the glory. They tell a story about what it feels like to be out there surrounded by mountains of water, to turn the corner and battle the wind, and to cross the line…

This years event starts on the 27th July, with the 32nm crossing of the Kawai Channel happening on Sunday the 30th. Paddle boarders get a 30 min head start over the SUPS, and everyone comes into the finish about the same time.

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