A Bunch of Mad Paddlers in Tassie - TassieSUP Winter Classic

Tasmania isn't the most hospitable place for getting in the water at the best of times, let alone in the middle of winter.

Although most people mostly prefer sunny days and boardshorts, dropping into winter swells, warm and toasty in a 6mm wetty has a whole different vibe.

We're talking the Tasmanian Winter Classic and state stand up paddling titles. It's being held on the gorgeous Tasmanian Peninsula on the 23rd and 24th June, and you (yes, you!) are invited.

As a fun event, anybody is welcome to come along no matter your skill level or experience. As the guys from the Tassie SUP Club say: 

"For us average punters there will be lots of good waves and lots of laughs to be had, both in, and out of the surf. Yes, we will all be surfing in the same comp' but I can assure you that there will be all levels of surfer in the event, from almost raw beginners to seasoned pro's - actually most of us are novice to intermediate surfers, so everyone is welcome and will be well looked after, so do not feel intimidated to enter because I can guarantee you that, no matter how badly you surf, there WILL be someone waaaaay worse than you."

Music to the ears of all stand up paddlers, and a great way to not only encourage more participants to get into competition surfing, but also to entice some of the more northern paddlers to make the treck down to Tassie, suit up in some rubber and have a crack at what Tassie has to offer (which looks pretty awesome! Despite the snow and ice on the beach). 

This year there’s super cheap accommodation on offer from the Lufra Apartments, a bar tab, and what they’re calling ‘Free Friday’. Free demo boards, Free Surf, Free drinks from 4pm, and Free Live Music. What more could you ask for!?

If you're keen on heading down, check out the thread running on the Seabreeze.com.au forums about it, and watch the highlights vid from last years event below.

Oh, and if you find 2MT’s surf hat, he’d really appreciate it back!

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