A SUP foil board for Racing - No pumping required!

Foiling on flat water isn’t new. Not even with just a paddle; but until now it’s been done using the pumping technique. This new hydrofoil doesn’t require pumping, just good old fashioned paddling. But is it faster than floating?

Check out the vid below, and you’ll see pro rider Eric Terrien from BIC testing out an interesting looking double foil made by a company called Rods Hydrofoil. With two wings, one on the front of the board and one well behind the paddler, it’s incredibly stable in pitch, and looks to be quite stable in roll too! He only paddles on one side, and his cadence is pretty high, but as you’ll see – this foil works a charm.

But will it be faster?

Foils in the kayaking world have been around for a while, the faster stroke rates of kayak paddles allow them to maintain a steady speed through the water and thus a more stable foiling experience. But, foils haven’t caught on in that world because they’re not actually that much faster, if at all. These kayaks are already so sleek, so streamlined, that adding all that surface area (of the foil) underwater slows them down!

Check out the video of these guys testing a new flat water race foil, on a SUP, to see whether you think this is the future of racing or not?

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