Christmas Gift Ideas for Stand Up Paddlers

Do you know a stand up paddler on the ‘Nice’ list this Christmas?
Buying presents for stand up paddlers is hard, because all the gear is expensive!

Besides; stand up paddle boards don’t fit underneath Christmas trees, so we’ve got 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Stand Up Paddlers that won’t break the bank, (in fact they’re all under $50!) and will totally fit under that tree!

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Stand Up Paddlers

Photography Session

There’s nothing better than an epic photo of yourself on the water, but getting that shot isn’t easy! Finding volunteers to get in the water and film you stand up paddling all day takes some serious sweet talking, so save a mate the hassle and give them a voucher for one stand up paddling photography session. You grab the GoPro, steal a pair of fins from a bodyboarder on the beach and get out there for a day. The best bit? Doesn’t cost you a cent…

Grab Bag for Emergency Repairs

Making up a little grab-bag full of useful bits can literally save somebodies day. A SUP grab bag could contain: a spare fin key, wax, 5 minute epoxy, electrical tape, a bit of chord for a leash, sunscreen, Phillips head screwdriver, spare vent plug screw and $20 cash for emergencies.

Downwinder Service

Doing the car drop, board swap and maccas stop on a stand up paddling downwinder all takes time, energy and brain power better spent on your paddling technique. So give someone a personalised downwinder service! Pick them up at their house, strap their board onto the car and deliver them to an epic downwinder start point. Wave them off, drive to the finish line and await their arrival with a cold beer and a snack. For best results, convince your wife or husband to do the driving, so you can join your mate on the downwinder!

A giant ego boosting photo

Getting photo’s printed is a big deal these days, and surprising a stand up paddling mate with a giant photo of them getting barrelled is a HUGE deal! So sort through the endless piles of crappy wipeout-to-be photo’s and find the best one, get it printed up nice and big, whack a frame on it and throw that sucker under the tree.

Stand Up Paddling Lesson

If you already know how to SUP, why not give the gift of SUP to someone else? While professional lessons are good, any lesson is better than none! If you know someone who’s been thinking about SUP for a while, give them a stand up paddling lesson! Yeah your board will cop a couple of dings, and yeah it takes you off the water for a day (unless you’ve got a spare board) but teaching is fun! It’s also free!