How did this painting get there? By SUP!

How did that get there? This painting was done by SUP!
Sean Yoro, or Hula as he’s known online, paints incredible artwork on suburban walls. Unlike his back-street counterparts however, you might be hard pressed to label this guy a graffiti artist.

Floating on a stand up paddleboard, somewhere in New York, France or around the world is Sean Yoro. Originally from Oahu, the artist steadies himself against the wall with one hand while sitting or kneeling on a SUP, and with the other hand paints incredibly realistic murals of women. No stencils, no templates sketched onto the walls, he just grabs a brush, a SUP, and a few tubs of paint. These ladies look just like giants, bathing in murky city waterways where nobody would usually travel.

He does admit, this is street art, but he says there's nothing better than finding 'prime walls in abandoned places' to work his magic. Besides, would you complain if this appeared on a wall near your workplace or home?

One of his latest works was done just meters before a waterfall, using lines to tether his paint smeared SUP in one spot, he balanced there on his knees painting a gorgeous image of a woman, seemingly holding onto a rope to stop herself being washed over the edge. Watching him paint it isn’t for those who get scared of heights, but it is spectacular!

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