How to Pump up an Inflatable SUP - Fast!

Gone are the days of pumping for up to 30 mins to inflate a stand up paddle board, modern boards can be done in less than 2 minutes with a hand pump. Yep, that’s right, less than 2 minutes from rolled up to rigid.

The guys from Red Paddle Co, the worlds leading inflatable SUP company have got it all figured out, because after all that’s what they do! With not a single fiberglass board in their range, they’ve perfected the pump up. Here’s a few tips on how to inflate your stand up paddle board quickly.

1: Start with your arms

Attach the red hose to the valve on the board and the front of the Pump, and begin pumping using your arms.

2: Then bend your knees!

As pressure builds and it becomes harder to pump, keep your arms straight and use your legs to generate power.

3: Switch to high pressure mode

One of the best things about the Red Paddle Co’s Tital pump, is the little valve which can switch the pump to high pressure more. Unscrew the red cap and keep pumping – you’re almost done!

4: Don’t stop!

The more rigid a stand up paddle board is, the better it’ll paddle. So keep on pumping! 15 PSI is a minimum, but if you can get it up to 22 PSI then that board will paddle like a dream.