Paddle boarding Yardie Creek

Situated in Cape Range National Park, Yardie Creek is a spectacular site. Formed by a gradual uplifting from the sea floor, fluctuating sea levels and erosion by wind and water, the plain was transformed into a range of rugged limestone, deep canyons and pristine beaches. Yardie Creek, also known as Yardie Creek Gorge, flows between the spectacular sheer cliffs and is best explored on the water via an inflatable SUP.

This short paddle offers incredible sights of the gorge's vertical red rock walls. Paddle close to the side of the gorge and see if you can spot black-footed rock wallabies as they seek shelter on ledges along the southern cliff face, where they await evening before coming out to feed. Keep an eye out also for egrets, ospreys, bowerbirds and a variety of marine life. Route Directions: 1. Start by launching your SUP at the creek next to the Yardie Creek car park. 2.Paddle between the towering gorge walls looking out for egrets, ospreys and shallow rocks along the edge. 3.Continue until you reach the end of the creek. Relax here and wait to spot rock wallabies hiding on the ledge, have a picnic before returning the way you came. Location and photos shared by @lighthousebound For more information on some of the best SUP spots in Aus check out #exploreyourworld #redpaddlecoau