The Merimbula Classic 2018 Returns

The Merimbula 38th Classic
The Merimbula 38th Classic


Thursday 22nd - Sunday 25th November


- The Naish SUP surfing expression Sessions

- Balmoral Paddlesurf Beach to Bar

- The Lahui Kai Surf SUP Off's (battle of the paddles)

- The SUNOVA Merimbula Bay run.

- Foil surfing exhibitions

Merimbula Sailboard Club members welcomes you to the 38th Merimbula Classic,

While primarily a celebration of wind and waves, with wave sailing, kite surfing and SUP surfing and racing in some of the nicest conditions the Sapphire Coast can produce, we also take pride in the quality of our famous Barbecue and MSC members hospitality.

As well as being a great fun event for competitors this event is recognised locally as a popular community event.

Totally run by volunteer members of the Merimbula Sailboard Club over the years the event has contributed to many community organisations and needy causes.

The new BBQ shed is a tribute to the work of our members and with some help from Clubs Grant scheme it has cost us a motza.

During the year MSC contributed to Stepping Stone House as well as providing a great prize to help in the fund raiser for Ella Engel. MSC contributed a family membership plus accommodation to this years event.

The event is also recognised as a significant contributor to the local economy injecting much needed revenue in an otherwise quiet time for the primary business of tourism on the Sapphire Coast.

We hope the good times, good vibrations and hospitality you experience at this event will encourage you and your families and friends to revisit this spectacular coastline with the great conditions for wave sailing, kite surfing and Stand Up Paddle surfing.

With the wind and waves on offer this event offers no excuse to be out of the water except to feed up on the club's famous BBQ or join us at Grub's beer tent for the daily happy hour where you can relax and wind down and wash away the salt.

Our aim is to feed you, entertain you, and get you out wave sailing, kite surfing or SUPping in the best winds and waves available over the four day extravaganza.


Check in at Mission Control, the green shed at Ford Park on Main Beach.

We will brief you on local conditions, expected waves and wind and safety arrangements for the day.

Daily weather reports and forecasts will be available for you to peruse over a cup of Ragino's home blend coffee, and catch all the dawn patrol SUP surfers strutting their stuff.

Contest Area: An area will be marked off with buoys in the water and flags on the beach.

The Kite surfing area will be separated and down wind from wave sailing.

"Buffer zone" DO not sail/kite or SUP in this area.

The inflatable rescue boat will be based in the buffer zone with marine radio contact.

Judges are out there day and night watching every move you make, so be nice to them.

After Hours

Club Sapphire (Merimbula Bowling Club) will be the official watering hole during the event

The bistro serves great meals and succulent Merimbula oysters.

Child minding is available at the Club, although children are welcome at the presentation, and under 18s can attend evening functions, accompanied by an adult, until 10pm. There is a basic dress code for patrons of the club.

Ragino's home blended coffee bar will operate daily at event site from 7:30am.



The entry fee of $110.00 and $60.00 (for juniors) covers all the fun you're going to have. Also you get a free event T-Shirt with an exclusive (collectors item) Merimbula print, all the gourmet food you can eat off the club barbecue plus fish, bacon and eggs, and wait there's more, heaps of prizes plus trophies plus …

Extra T-Shirts Will Be Available to purchase for $40

INSURANCE: It is a requirement for you to be insured to enter this event.

  • Wave sailors must fill out and sign the insurance form on the back of the entry form and if you are not covered, as a member of a club/association, by paying an extra $25 you become an associate member of Merimbula Sailboard Club.
  • Kite surfers will have to be a member of Kite Surfing Australia (KA) to obtain cover. You must join or renew your subscription to KA online, prior to entering the event. Proof of alternate insurance is necessary.
  • SUP only riders should be covered by membership in SUP Australia. A facility to join SUP Australia will be there at the event

Happy hour at Grub's beer tent 4 to 6pm

Evening free to relax and discover Merimbula's great eateries.


Same again. Bacon & eggs from 9ish and briefing at 10am

From 4pm to 9pm Happy hour


The happy hour will be extended to include selected food items that showcase the high quality foods available from the oceans, estuaries and hinterland of the Sapphire coast.

From the ocean to the east, from the Monaro high plain to the west ,and the lush rolling hills of the south coast, select locally produced gourmet food delights will be available for you to enjoy along with refreshments.

Local musicians and an open mike will ensure the good vibrations continue into the evening.


Bacon & eggs and morning briefing at 10am then just sail, kite, eat and sail and kite…..

10:30am -for 11am start- The Balmoral Boards Beach to Bar, Sup race. (see details below)

Happy hour 4 to 6pm

Evening at Club Sapphire to celebrate just Stayin'alive

Music live by THE FIGMENTZ bring your disco shoes


Come on down for breakfast and coffee from 9a.m. and briefing at 10am.

10:30am -for 11am start- The SUP ATX Surf SUP off' (see details below)

We'll hit the wind and waves for the rest of the day, then it's off to Club Sapphire for the PRESENTATION of the trophies and prizes worth $50,000.

The doors to the Sapphire Room will open approximately 5:00pm, presentation should kick off at 5;30pm and last for about 2 hours.

Light supper will be served afterwards.

General Information for all participants

? Contest Mobile 0407 260015

? Daily reports, forecasts and updates of all the action will be broadcast on local radio stations ABC Southeast Radio on106.3FM, and 97.5 Wave FM

? At the daily briefings we will explain sailing venue, expected conditions and arrangements for kite-surfers, wave sailors and SUP riders.

? You must read the safety guidelines relevant to kite surfing, wave sailing or SUP surfing, and be aware of the arrangements for different wind directions.

? When conditions are suitable for you to sail or kite get out there and go for it.

? Don't wait for your heat as there won't be one.

? Don't crowd the one peak, rather spread out, sail or kite safely, and enjoy the conditions .

? Check out and abide by the separated kite/wave sailing areas: basically this will have kite-surfers down wind of wave sailors at all times

? Sail and kite and surf with safety at all times, respect others in the water and on the beach.

SUP surfing Information

? The Naish SUP Sessions will take place in the mornings before the wind gets strong enough for the kiters and sailboarders.

? The SUPs will use the designated Competitors water area until the wind is strong enough for the wind warriors. At this time a red flag will be placed on the beach indicting the SUP's are to leave the contest area to allow the kiters and sailboarders to begin.

? Plans regarding the SUPs will be reviewed each day according to the conditions.

? Best advice: use initiative, go for it and don't whinge.


This year there will be three separate Stand Up Paddle racing events: note that times may vary according to conditions:

? Saturday 10:30 am: Balmoral Paddlesurf Beach to Bar The beach to bar 4 team relay begins with a long paddle down the lake right through town to the Bar Beach, then across to the beach and back using four paddlers in a tag team spectacular.

? Sunday10:30 am: The Lahui Kai Surf SUP Offs

The Battle of the paddles at Main beach. A four man relay through a course set in the surf, with a sprint up the beach to tag the next competitor.

One board, 4 laps - team of 4. Everyone must race

? The SUNOVA Merimbula Bay run: SUP Downwinder: where stand up paddlers race downwind from Main beach Merimbula to Pambula beach, an

8 k off shore race.

Note: The downwinder will run when conditions permit and could be run from PB to Main beach in southerly conditions.

SUP Divisions

14' max - (not sure about adding this division - TBA

12'6 (max length) class…. 1st- prize. 2nd - prize 3rd- prize

FUN category (non displacement - 11' max. 1st - prize 2nd - prize 3rd- prize

12'6 (max length) class…. 1st- prize. 2nd - prize 3rd- prize

FUN category (non displacement - 11' max. 1st - prize 2nd - prize 3rd- prize

SUP FOIL Exhibition Sessions

When conditions suit there will be an area set aside for SUP foil exhibition surfing.

A limited number of experienced SUP foil surfers will be strutting their stuff so drop everything and enjoy this new spectacle,

B-B-Q ....

The BBQ crew will, following a breakfast of free range eggs and bacon each day, prepare a sumptuous feast of locally grown, marinated, beef, pork and chicken kebabs, fresh fish from the trawlers of Eden, steaks and snags, to keep the energy levels up so that you can sail/kite/SUP longer and stronger.

This is free to competitors and cheap to non-competitors. Judges are often patrolling the BBQ spit and will be severe on any breaches of etiquette, so be warned!

? Meal tickets are available for non-competitors at $20 per day

? A four day food voucher plus a T shirt is a bargain for $100.


JUNIOR Under 18

OPEN Over 18

MASTERS 35 - 44

GRAND MASTERS 45 and over



The trophies this year are based on the poster art of local artist Stan Squire and crafted by Siren Glass Designs Trophies will be awarded for top performances in the following categories.

Kites Wave Sailing Sup

Open 3

Open 3

Open 3

Junior 3

Junior 3

Junior 3


Ladies 1


Masters 3

Masters 3

Masters 3

Grand masters 3

Grand masters 3

Grand masters 3

Local 1

Local 1

Local 1


? Gary McKenzie Smith Award outstanding rider

? Algie Award up & coming rider

? Big Wave Dave Trophy Someone who goes for it & is a good bloke/chick spending maximum time on, in and above the water etc..Overall good ambassador for the sport

? Ben Wilson/Namotu kiter of the future

? The Horizon Credit Union Big Air Award

? Naish future SUPper

? Filthy Phil Award

? FOIL surfing for each discipline

? Kite foil race Open juniors women

? Terry Gallagher 4 by $250 cash to up and coming kite surfers

SUP races trophies

? Lahui Kai Down wind'er

? 14' (max length) class

? Trophies for:

? 1. 1st man

? 2. women,

? 3. Master (40+)

? 4. Super Master (50+)

? 5. Jnr 15 and under

? 6. SUP OFF's - Best dressed team


A fantastic array of prizes has been generously donated by our many sponsors, which are listed on our sponsor's page. We greatly appreciate their generosity and to show our appreciation, we should endeavour to buy their products, and bestow upon them accolades of greatness.


These will all be displayed at the Presentation, so have a good check of the display for you will soon be choosing your prize.

The members of MSC run this event for the enjoyment of wind and waves, we are all volunteers because no one pays us - enjoy

RULES : No whingeing